Watch the other guys go green with envy while you’re charming any girl you fancy

Forget about nerves and corny pick up lines, this book will teach you how to win all the women you want by being the sort of man women love to be seduced by – charming and articulate, able to use your voice and body language to attract girls to you, expert at leading a girl into intimacy.

You'll enjoy talking to any woman easily and naturally. You’ll learn how to get her interested and opening up to you, and how to lead her into deeper and more intimate conversations. You'll know how to flirt with her and get her making mental pictures of the two of you doing outrageously naughty things together.

Most important, The Master Seducer's Handbook isn't just for bars and clubs, like those other ‘pick up’ books. You'll enjoy approaching women in just about any situation – in shopping malls and libraries, at bus stops and in the street, in museums and galleries – anywhere there's an opportunity too good to miss.

And there’s a sound scientific background to your new skills because the book is based on a comprehensive behavioural modelling study of six men who are all incredibly successful with women, and includes some of the most advanced NLP influencing skills.

Whether you want to play the field or just make that one special girl fall madly in love with you, you’ll learn all you need to know from The Master Seducer’s Handbook.

But that’s just the surface content, because within the exercises and home practise drills you’ll learn to use the very same rapport and conversation skills to help you persuade and influence other people in all walks of life – whether it’s selling a product or service or idea, or promoting a worthwhile cause.

And in business, you’ll find these skills give you an incredible edge in your dealings with other people – in face-to-face conversations as well as in meetings and presentations. After all, as Voltaire once said, “It’s not enough to know how to conquer; you must also know how to seduce.”


John Cliff is an NLP behavioural consultant and a certified NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner. He is also a specialist in the language of indirect suggestion and conversational hypnosis. He runs regular training programs and workshops in social confidence and presentation skills.

Available in Kindle and paperback from

The Master Seducer’s Handbook

Available in Kindle and paperback from

The Master Seducer’s Handbook